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Executive Summary

It is a pleasure to present our company Abacko Man Power Solution S. de R. L. de C. V. (Grupo AbTec),  to show briefly our services scope.

AbTec in a company that integrates business and people dedicated to Project Management, Engineering, Industrial Projects, Energy Recovery, Optimization, and Rationalization Systems, Water Treatment Plants, Environmental Impact Surveys and Investigations, Soil Remediation and IN-SITU treatment, that was born as an evolution of our original companies Proyectos Designa S. A. de C.V. and Abastecimientos Estrategicos S.A. de C.V. focused on engineering, construction and environment control projects.

For this, under the concept of ASSOCIATED CONSULTANTS, we have brought together a group of technicians with a high degree of performance and an attitude focused on quality and service that manage, control and execute the projects on a solid infrastructure which ungloved in a management that is agile, effective and with clear objectives, guarantee their good.

We have also established commercial alliances  that allow us to offer a better product or service on the market at a better price, integrating a “turn key” project which we would like to present in detail.

Our operation philosophy considers our personnel the most valuable asset and the performance adhering to quality our inane necessity; for and since 1996 we instituted officially the safety pyramid program and in 1998 we started our program to obtain our ISO 9001 certification.

Our main customers are companies with high demands in safety, quality, modernity and performance levels, and we hope soon to be proud of having you within this group of customers.