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Main Customers & Projects
  • General Motors México
    Environmental cleanup in Plant 1 and 2, at Polanco in México D.F., for closure and change real estate use. This project was presented in the annual World Wide Service GM and was awarded best of the year. For RIMSA.

  • Alfa Alimentos
    Sound proofing Management Offices

    Heavy civil work, Project Mini-mill

  • BASF
    Environmental impact survey – flume determination and remediation definition to BASF plant an Vallejo, México D.F.. For RIMSA.

  • Vitro Flotado, S.A. De C.V.
    Major electromechanical rebuild for VF-1 tempering oven.

    Loading, handling, shipment and export for destruction 4,300 tons of Hexa chloride from PEMEX Petroquímica in Pajaritos. For RIMSA.

  • Autotemplex S.A. de C.V.
    Turn key project, engineering to building construction for tempering oven T-11.

  • Solvay Química y Minera S.A. de C.V.
    Basic and Detailed Engineering for  sodium sulfate and strontium carbonate.
    Basic engineering for energy recovery plant on the stacks at the glass factory VITRO VF2 in García, to produce high pressure steam, generate power and sent medium pressure steam from the turbine to SOLVAY for heating.